Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Fraud:

BKK take the issue of Anti-money laundering and fraud seriously. At BKK, we value our customers and recognize that our customers had worked hard for their money. Hence we are continuously stepping up our efforts to fight money laundering and consumer fraud in co-operation with the concerned authorities to safeguard our customers’ interest.

BKK do not allow remittance services intend for illegal usage. All such transactions will be stopped immediately. BKK has a extensive compliance program internally to ensure our compliance with the MAS rules and regulations. It is our policy to adhere to the law and regulations to ensure our customers’ interest.



Be wary when:

You are offered a way below normal price purchase for an expensive product. You are informed that you have won a lottery/prize which you don’t remember participating in and you have to pay fees/taxes before collection of your winnings. Someone responding to your ad that they had found your missing pet/item and claiming the shipping/reward offered beforehand. You are offered a low interest load but you must make payment beforehand before the loan amount is given to you. You received a call from someone that your loved one is being kidnapped/ detained or in hospital and asking you for money to be sent to them before they are being released.


Know the person that you are sending money to. Buy goods and services only from trusted sources Avoid making payment for online purchases via money transfer. Be prudent when transacting with someone for expensive items in a foreign country. Immediately stop any transaction when the buyer/seller coaches you on ways to respond to queries made by BKK. It is a confirmed sign of fraud. Contact the police instantly if you suspect that you are being swindled.

Bear in Mind:

BKK is always a great way to send money to whom you trust, not to someone that you do not know. Attempting to send money with a fictitious name will NOT ensure your interests when dealing with strangers. When something is too good to be true, it probably is. And for more information, please go to the MAS moneysense website.