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What countries i can remit to?

Over 200 countries in the world; and BKK currently specializes in Thailand, Indonesia, China, Myanmar and Philippines. We are expanding our coverage all the time, hence please check back for new updates.

I have an urgent need for remittance today

You can come to us at any time; our express service will only require 10 mins *T&C applies

What information/ documents do I need?

You will require to bring your valid NRIC/Work pass and provide our friendly tellers with your receiver full name, address, account details and contact number.

What is the cost?

There is only the flat service fee, there are no hidden costs or commissions.

What is the minimum sum to send?

There is no minimum sum, all customers are welcome to send any amount they wish to but in accordance to MAS regulations.

How do your fees compare with a standard Bank telegraphic transfer?

Unlike most banks which charge both service fee and a percentage basing on the sending amount, BKK charges a single low, flat fee regardless of your transaction amount.

Furthermore if you send your money via a bank, you will usually be charged an additional fee/deduction by the receiving bank when they credit the funds to your account. There are NO in-country deductions or any other hidden costs.

How does sending money with BKK differs from sending with a Bank?

A bank is a generalist financial provider. They provide account services, loans, mortgages, bank assurance, credit cards and a range of other services.

BKK is a licensed remittance specialist. Which means we are focused on offering our customers with lower costs and better exchange rates with more delivery alternatives and typically faster delivery times.

And being fully licensed, you can have the ease of mind that your transactions and funds are safe

Can businesses use BKK’s services?

Yes, you can. We have many corporate clients from various sectors remitting all over the world.

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